How to Consolidate Debt & Free up Cash

We're a family just like you...

We are a family trying to get through life in British Columbia.  We understand every penny counts.

Before we opened Your Family Mortgage, we were financial & investment advisors for the banks.  We have seen and helped with it all.

One of the best ways to stretch your paycheck is to shrink your payments.  Access the equity in your home to get a lower interest rate and have a structured plan knowing more is going towards actually paying it off. 

Sometimes this means paying out high interest credit cards, lines of cedit, RV loans, or car loans. Consolidate it all into one easy, low interest payment. 

We can also look at extending your mortgage to 30 years to make sure you have the lowest payment available.

For example, say you had:

  • $600 / month car payment
  • $500 / month in Credit Cards
  • $250 / month in a Line of Credit

That adds up to $1350 a month in extra payments, and most of that is just paying the high interest amount.

We have helped families eliminate those payments by using the equity in their home to consolidate, and their monthly mortgage payment only increased slightly.

Want more information, we would be glad to chat.

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