Your Family Mortgage Process

We're a little obsessed with delivering what we say we will do.

The Your Family Mortgage Process  compares over 50 lenders, including Banks, Credit Unions, and Private Lenders to get you the right mortgage at the lowest rate!

1. Discussion


Understand your needs.

We can speak on the phone or meet in person to get an understanding of what you want to accomplish and outline the process we would follow to make it happen.  This is the first step in getting pre-approved or securing a mortgage.

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2. Application


We need some information about you.

We need to collect your details so we can put togrther a complete picture for the lenders.  

Our form is easy to use and mobile friendly, so whether you are on your PC, tablet or phone, it won't take you very long to complete. 

Online Application

This is the basic document list, download the one that matches your income type.  

Please let us know if you have any questions or a unique situation and we will provide a custom list for you.

Salary or Hourly with gauranteed hours (pdf)


Variable Income including Bonus, Commission, Overtime and Seasonal (pdf)


Incorporated or Limited Company (pdf)


Sole Proprietorship or Partnership (pdf)


3. Options & Pre-Approval


The right mortgage at the lowest rate.

Your Family Mortgage works with over 50 lenders, including banks, to get you the right mortgage at the lowest rate! 

We will present and discuss your options so you can make an informed decision.

Pre-Qualified vs Pre-Approved

4. Formal Submisssion


Submit to the lender of choice.

Once we have decided on lender and rate, Your Family Mortgage will handle formal submission.

We represent your needs and  provide clarification or work through issues as required.

5. Appraisal


Property Appraisal

If an appraisal is required we will handle coordinating with a lender approved appraiser.  They will determine fair market value for your home and let the lender know if there are any concerns with the property.

*Purchases with less than 20% down payment typically do not require an appraisal.

*Transfers usually require an appraisal - paid for by the lender.

6. Full Approval


You Are Approved

Once the lender has reviewed all documents and we have met all conditions the lender provides a full approval.

This is when you can remove subject to financing.

7. Meet with Lawyers


Sign Contract

The lender will send the paperwork to an approved lawyer of your choice.  There the lawyer will go over the mortgage contract and discuss a statement of adjustments for items like Property Transfer Tax and any other payouts you have included in your mortgage.

Your Lawyer handles the transfer of funds and registering your Mortgage with the Land Title Office. 

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